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Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Shaun’s Corner": A Strategic Move Is Preemptive Action!

One of the first strategic moves I have planned as President of The PEiR Group is to meet with our members on their home ground and to learn about their business needs as they relate to The PEiR Group and PlanWell Technologies. I believe this is critical to understanding the unique characteristics and challenges of our member’s respective markets.

To this end, my first trip this week was to Charlotte, North Carolina to host a regional workshop for PEiR members and prospective members from the South Atlantic area of the United States. It was extremely helpful for me to listen to member concerns about the economy and get a sense of where their businesses are headed in 2008. Many of the reprographers in attendance stated their businesses have begun the New Year on a positive note. However, they all agreed there has been a significant drop in business from clients involved in the design and construction of residential and multi-family buildings.

These regional workshops are a great way for members to get one-on-one attention and to direct answers to questions about the various services PEiR offers. Future workshops will cover a variety of issues facing our industry, including:

• Reprographics Industry Outlook for 2008
• Design and Construction Outlook for 2008
• Financial Analysis of Today’s Repro Shop
• How to take Advantage of PEiR Resources
• What is Bid Communications
• What’s New with PlanWell and MetaPrint
• New Revenue Opportunities in Reprographics

The next regional workshop will be held March 12th in Atlantic City. I look forward to meeting with our members from the Northeast and hope everyone can attend. Sharing of ideas is crucial to the success of our industry and discussions so far have been spirited and beneficial. A complete calendar of upcoming workshops will be posted soon.



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