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Friday, August 15, 2008

"Who Should I be Talking With About Bid Communications?"

By David Swider, Sub-Hub

Many of you who have phoned or emailed ask: “Okay Dave, we identified or qualified which companies to target for Bid Communications, now who should we be speaking with at these companies?”

As most of you know, the answer varies, but in most cases it will be one of these three no matter the size of the company:

· Bid Coordinators or Assistants
· Estimators or Project Managers
· VP of Construction, Executives or Owners

Any or all of these three positions will have an interest their company’s Bid Communications. It is however, important to know what language they all speak. By language, I mean “what are they hearing?” In most cases, you will find the following:

· Bid Coordinators and Assistants – The language they hear best is features and benefits.
· Estimators or Project Managers – The language they hear best is more bids on bid day, better bid coverage.
· VP’s, Executives and Owners – The language they hear is more profitable projects, reducing risk, higher margins.

At the end of the day, these are the functional areas you want to address when it comes to Bid Communications. Just remember to ask yourself: “Am I speaking their language?”

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