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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Océ Makes Its Own Waves...

No Risk, All Reward with the Océ ColorWave 600...
The Océ ColorWave 600 will help you make $30,000 or more per month in revenue - with a mere $99-per-month investment*.

The Océ ColorWave 600 is currently shipping and being installed around the country in reprographic shops like yours - shop interested in increasing their color production and diversifying their business.

This machine will revolutionize your color production. And through the month of November, there is no risk to you.

*$99 per month for the first six months with an OFSI lease

2,000 FREE SmartClicks per month for six months with an Océ OPTIMIZE.IT or Océ EasyPACII contract. (This represents just under $10,000 in free operating costs! You can grow your color production volume with absolutely no risk! The PEiR Group)

This PEiR Group offer is only available for orders signed between now and November 30, 2008. Océ ColorWave 600's must be installed prior to January 30, 2009.

If you have any additional questions please contact Barry Foust at (412)475-1792 or got to the PEiR Group Website under "Partner Pricing".

For more info, click HERE.

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