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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PEiR Member In the News: Brentwood Repro

Roger Strauss, owner of Brentwood Repro in Brentwood, CA, was looking for a good way to show his support for Americans serving in combat theaters overseas when he found an organization with a very direct link to the troops - Blue Star Moms.

Taking their name from the pennants that used to hang (and still do hang in some cases) in the windows of families with sons or daughters in uniform, the Blue Star Moms needed places people could drop off necessities our troops have requested for use in the field.

Roger stepped up with other local business leaders and volunteered the use of his Walnut Boulevard location, also volunteering to print the posters for the drive. Dropoffs have been "brisk" since word got out, with supporters coming by with everything a lonely soldier might need. And Roger has insight into that, having served as a career Marine Corps officer with a tour of duty in Iraq in 2004-05 under his belt.

"I remember all the support people at home showed us back then," he says. "It's a very quiet way of saying 'we're with you' and it meant a lot to us. We're very happy to be able to participate in this current effort... knowing what it will mean to someone on the receiving end."

The drive runs through Dec. 6, when all donations are collected and sent overseas in time for the Holidays. Most requested items? DVDs (new or used, apparently it doesn't matter), drink mixes, beef or turkey jerky, coffee, batteries, duct tape... and mail. Lots of mail.


Anonymous said...

well done!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service and commitment to the country