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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CREST Foundation Scholars Announced…

Ten deserving “children of our industry” received CREST Foundation scholarships sure to take the sting out of their college tuition payment this year, the student scholars splitting $100,000 between them in the first ever CREST scholarship offering. The ten are the sons and daughters of peers working within our industry at various shops around the country.

This year’s student scholars were identified as: Giang Chau; Anna Goodrich; Hannah Dean-Wood; Amanda Race; Kate Borghgraef; Delane Bass; Andrea Clabaugh; Jonathan Corrigan, Michael Hamman, and Samantha Pye. Their parents (with shop names listed in random order) work at San JoseBlue/Inprint; CADCopy & Supply; City Blue Print; Veenstra Repro; BHFX LLC; Duncan-Parnell, Inc.; Print-O-Stat, Inc.; Blair Graphics; Reprographic Consultants and Air Graphics.

We are very pleased to note that Anna, Hannah, and Samantha are the daughters of PEiR members and we pass our heartiest congratulations on to them - and to their parents! Well done.

CREST Foundation (Children of Reprographics Employees Scholarship Trust) awards are funded by the generous donations of individuals, reprographic companies, industry vendors and financial institutions. This year’s recipients were chosen by the CREST Foundation’s Selection Committee, whose members include industry veterans Bill Thomas, Mike Carter, Cathleen Cushing Duff, John Deermount, and Miguel Garcia.

Information on the 2009/2010 application process will be distributed this month to industry associations and posted to the CREST web site, which can be found by clicking HERE. The next application season will be open in the next few months. You can find everything you’ll need to apply for a scholarship at the foundation's web site.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to these young scholars and to their parents!!! who are probably really greatful to get this kind of assistance with tuition being what it is these days. Nice job to all!!

Anonymous said...

How much are the scholarships?

The PEiR Group ( said...

We understand that several of the young scholars had $15,000 contributions made to their educational fund, certainly helpful for a young student. The remainder received lesser amounts, but still tidy sums. We're proud of them!!