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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sub-Hub Gives Reprographers a Competitive Edge

By David Swider

We are receiving daily inquiries from reprographers regarding Sub-Hub and how an independent reprographer can compete in the bid communication space. We have reviewed what the competitors are up to, and at this year’s executive conference, I also plan to review the Bid Process from the General Contractor and Subcontractor’s perspective.

The review will help us understand a “Day in the Life…" and where as reprographers we can help provide our digital technologies and services to our customers. In a tough economy more and more of our customers are looking for work. Here is what we will review to succeed in our current economy:

1.) What is the Bid Communication process…real world?
2.) What is the competition saying to your customers?
3.) Why is a tough economy the right time to sell digital technologies?
4.) How do I start the discussion with my customers?
5.) How can digital revenue help replace diminishing print revenue?

Our meetings have been full and many reprographers are beginning to offer Sub-Hub to their local GC’s. Why not see for yourself by typing: and browse meetings to see how you may succeed with this offering. Meetings for reprographers are held every Wednesday 10:00am PST.

Editor’s Note: For direct questions please contact David Swider at or 925-658-9025. The Bid Communications feature will become a regular feature of Point of View.

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