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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Dentist as Prospect - Who Woulda Thought?

I recently went for my annual check-up with my local dentist and to my dismay I discovered a great application for large format graphics unfold right before my eyes and teeth.

How many of you can relate to this? The dental assistant sets me into the chair, lays me back until I'm almost horizontal and tells me: "the dentist will be with you in a couple of minutes.” About 15 minutes later the dentist comes in and starts his typical procedures. While I’m in the chair all I can do is to look up at the ceiling and the fluorescent light fixture and wait. And that's when it hit me: how about selling display graphics to dentist’s offices around the country?

Offer to print graphic images, similar to a light box application but instead print on the translucent light fixture. I thought my idea was totally brilliant so I set out on the Internet to see if anyone was offering that kind of service in the reprographics business. To my surprise I did find a company that is already doing something like this. But that is not the point of this message.

My message is this: in times like these it is the creative sales person that will make his or her opportunities for success. So go out there and use your creative juices and find new applications and markets for your printing and digital services.

You may just be able to make someone sit up and say: Ah!


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