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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's YOUR Service Offering? Fast Food Or Fine Dining?

By Mahil Maurice
Special To The PEiR Group

Today, printing has become a commodity and only a subset of a greater service offering. Customers are looking for solutions to augment their bottom line either by cutting costs, creating more revenue through sales, or through a combination of the two approaches.

Printing Companies and Reprographers are under increasing pressure to be responsive to customer needs and find it difficult to compete in a digital age where Cutting-Edge Solutions and Impeccable Service go hand in hand.

Our industry prides itself in providing outstanding services to its customers. One wonders how a small reprographer can upgrade to the latest technology and still provide the services levels required to effectively compete.

Two primary areas where changes need to take place are ‘Work Flow’ and ‘Technology.’ Together, these need to drive adequate compensation for the services provided.

Both Work Flow and Technology go hand in hand and can be discussed in the same breath. Customers want the fastest and easiest ways to send files (content) and track delivery of those files. And the preferred medium is the Internet.

Digital methods of file delivery like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) developed in the 1970s were not designed to meet today’s requirements of optimal work flow and fast delivery of large digital files anywhere in the world. Strong consideration must be given to replacing FTP and email technologies with more nimble and robust Web Based File Delivery and Work Flow Tools.

What is your service offering? A Fast Food menu or a Fine Dining experience? FTP or Digital Work Flow?

FTP is complicated and outdated technology, for these and other reasons:

• Too cumbersome to set up, administer and time consuming for IT – With FTP, time must be devoted to setting up the hardware and software after which maintenance involves managing new users, managing credentials, setting up folder structures for projects and helping users locate files and download them. This is time that could be devoted to more productive activities by your IT staff.
• Weak Security – Data transferred via FTP can be intercepted. As a result many firewalls actually close it to ensure system integrity. Because of the open nature of FTP, an organization’s infrastructure is susceptible to viruses and malware attacks.
• Lack of Track ability and Delivery Guarantee – Track ability and delivery guarantee are vital when business critical files (content) are being delivered and FTP does not provide this. Files may be incompletely transferred if it is interrupted or stopped. End users need to know the files were received and opened by the intended recipient.

With FTP you provide a “Fast Food” menu for your customers, not a superlative service experience!

Ask yourself, is your customer ready for a fine dining experience and are you committed to providing that level of service to them?

Consider ishipdocs as the “Work Flow” tool of choice to provide a superlative service experience. The cost of subscribing to ishipdocs is less than purchasing and maintaining a FTP solution. With ishipdocs, you get;

• Software as a Service (SaaS) – Sign-up as a Print Provider and start using the solution instantly. No infrastructure, software or maintenance costs. You are up and running instantly, the essence of SaaS. Your IT personnel can be doing other things.
• Highest Security Levels - The widely used “HTTPS” protocol. This is http over encrypted SSL (Security Sockets layer). This protocol is widely used for payment transactions on the web and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems.
• Closed Looped Work Flow Manager – No more setting up folders or helping users locate files. One Web-based tool allows files to be sent, provisioned and fulfilled for the customer and the print partner.
• Track ability and Proof of Delivery – Both customers and print partners can track an order and obtain Proof of Delivery through the tool.
• Business Intelligence – Both customers and print partners can sort and export data into Excel and CSV for Business Intelligence, Auditing and Reporting purposes.

With ishipdocs you can provide that “Fine Dining” experience you customer is looking for at a fraction of the cost of an FTP solution and effectively compete in the digital age with a web based Work Flow Manager.

In addition, a print partner instantly becomes a Global player with access to over 350 locations world wide. This completes the fine dining experience with your dessert of choice! You can distribute and receive files from and to Anywhere, Anytime!

The Reprographics industry prides itself on providing outstanding service to its customers however it cannot be achieved with obsolete FTP solutions. ishipdocs, with its robust Work Flow Manager and World Wide Reach is the solution that will enable a Reprographer/Print Partner to provide that Fine Dining experience.

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