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Monday, October 26, 2009

There IS Strength In Numbers - Especially When You're About To Go "Belly To Belly!"

By Rick Ysunza
The PEiR Group

Besides being a lot of fun it was great to see the interaction among PEiR members at our Executive Conference in Las Vegas last March. It was a fun dynamic, with a lot of great ideas and success stories bouncing back and forth.

Something that came out of that meeting for me is a simple tale of numbers equalling strength. We are now more than 150 member companies across the country - and internationally. I couldn't help but wonder if any of you were tapping into the strength of those numbers, picking up the phone and asking a colleague a hundred or three thousand miles away how things were going in their market.

There's a list of more than 450 names in our PEiR Group contact roster. You may want to take advantage of that and call. Your peers are a great resource and have a wealth of knowledge about survival in this at-time crazy industry.

I picked up the phone recently for a quick talk with P.J. Vidani of Green Bay Blue. Always fun to talk with, P.J. eagerly shared some of his secrets - including his "belly to belly" approach to pitching prospective customers - standing there and talking with them firsthand to determine their needs.

P.J., and others, also talked about "taking off the AEC hat" and seeking out non-core opportunities these days. Needs are shifting but business is still business, some people may have a different perception of what it is you do - you may have to take some time and explain it to them.

There will be lots of time to do this at our next Executive Conference but nothing is stopping you from reaching out right now and getting a few ideas from your fellow PEiR members. It may not be "belly to belly," but it's the next best thing!

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