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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take A Look At The Sub-Hub Upgrade!

Over the past two weeks or so there’s been a quiet sort of buzz building around the newest version of Sub-Hub.

If you’re looking for new ways to get customers off the dime and into bidding take a good hard look.

David Swider, Director of Business Development, has posted a quick primer video on YouTube* and new release notes on to help you get familiar with the new features and functionality. Click on the screenshot to watch!

Click here to go to YouTube to watch!

Customers can create their own projects now, on the fly, without waiting for the reprographer to do it for them. Just as important, they can upload their own documents, too! This is a very big deal.

There are also new features that allow users to publish, un-publish, and republish projects as project workflows change, and even track a sub’s willingness to bid. In addition, customers can now choose from three different levels of access for different roles in their company, and control who can see or manage what parts of their project. (Sort of a light version of PlanWell permissions.)

Check out the video for more detail on the new upgrade to Sub-Hub.

* If your company server blocks video content, you may not be able to view the video.

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