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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shaun’s Corner “Innovate 2010”

Happy New Year PEiR Group Members:

2009 was a year that really tested our managerial skills. In talking with PEiR members all over the world, there was no escaping the plight of the Great Recession of 2010. Many of you stated that you have never experienced such dramatic changes in your industry, and at the same time, been confronted with such challenging business decisions.

Having weathered the storm, I hope you have learned some good lessons and will use these experiences in planning for your future.

2010 has the prospects of an economic recovery. We are beginning to see indications that the decline in construction employment is flattening and that there is projected growth in some sectors of the industry. Many of you have realized the need to diversify and are seeing the merits of that decision. I also think that many of you realize that change is something that we all have to embrace and that we need to continue to adapt our business offerings to remain relevant to the clients we serve.

With that being said, I would like to start out the New Year announcing the PEiR Group theme for the upcoming year "Innovate 2010". The idea is to show our customers that Reprographers are leaders in innovation. It is more important than any time in our history that reprographers demonstrate to their customers that they are a creative and valuable resource.

But how do you go about doing this? This is where the PEiR Group can help!

While it's up to you to do the actual innovation, the PEiR Group can help you explore what you should be looking to change; new ways of adding value to your offerings, and help you communicate your value more effectively.

Let's face it, your customers are being bombarded with new technologies every day, but do they really understand how these new technologies are going to be useful? Those of us who can explain how new technologies can be applied to solve real business problems (innovation) have opportunities to build our businesses.

To accomplish these objectives, The PEiR Group has planned the following list of activities and events for 2010.

  • PEiR Group Meetings
    • May 21-22: PEiR Group Annual Executive Conference in Palm Springs
    • October 14-15 PEiR Group Color Sales & Technology Conference at the SGIA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Weekly Technology Demonstrations and Training
    • PlanWell, SubHub, ishipdocs, Abacus, MetaPrint (sign-up here)
  • Bi-Monthly Best Practice Webinars
  • Member Visits (if interested please let me know) ( )
    • January/Feb/March (NE, MidWest, SW, SE)
    • Others to be Announced
  • Conventions
    • March 24-26 AGC Annual Convention in Orlando
    • May 19-21 IRgA Annual Convention in Palm Springs
    • October 13-15 SGIA Convention in Las Vegas
    • Oct/Nov Reprographics Industry Regionals

More details will be sent out on each of these activities but please mark your calendars appropriately.

We have plans to announce some additional vendor programs (currently 43 vendors) and new exciting and innovative technologies later in the year as well, so please check out the PEiR Group or read our emails for the latest news and updates.

Again thank you for all your support and please let us know if you have ideas for innovation we should be exploring with you.

Best Regards

Shaun Meany

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