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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Join The IRgA for Free !!!


Important News about IRgA Membership:

For the fiscal year beginning August 1st, 2012, IRgA membership is available – to all who are eligible for membership - at no cost!

The IRgA is encouraging you to sign up as a member of the IRgA. Please visit their "membership information” page for detailed information about membership and that will lead you to the membership sign-up procedure.

After you’ve submitted a request for membership, their site-administrator will receive your request, review it, and approve it.

IRgA memberships are "individual” memberships. IRgA encourages reprographers, printers and imagers to encourage all of their company team members to "sign up” for IRgA membership. In addition, Vendors to the reprographics industry are encouraged to sign-up for membership. Investors and financial analysts who follow the reprographics industry are also invited to sign up. Click here to sign-up

Remember to visit the forum section of the IRgA website. Post a question, Make a statement!

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