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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MetaPrint Workstation $995.00

All the power of MetaPrint Professional, now in a single user workstation edition.

MetaPrint Workstation utilizes the same high quality viewer, file preparation and print functions as MetaPrint Professional in a package designed for the individual rather than the shop environment.

Using MetaPrint Workstation, key users within an organization have the ability to print, prepare & convert documents using the power of a tool designed for the printshop.

Priced competitively, MetaPrint Workstation is affordable enough to be installed for key users throughout an organization, improving productivity and quality throughout the company.

Build and assemble plot jobs

•Configure disparate file formats into a single-cohesive job
•Fast, high quality conversion of most file formats (including PDF & DWF) to TIFF (multi-page), PDF (multi-page), DWF and other print ready formats.
•Easy drag and drop file sorting
•Allows stripping or concatenation of complicated file-system paths
•Set page sizes
•Set image alignment and rotation
•WYSIWYG viewer shows how plot will print and allows for rotation, sizing, cropping, image placement or fine image adjustment
•View monochrome or color layers
•Use and display any number of pre-configured pen-sets or use embedded pens
•Create and save job tickets for archive and reprinting of jobs
•Submit the job to on-site or off-site queues
•Open jobs and view them for modification
•Compatible with print devices from all major manufacturers
•Configure logic for plot jobs - use any size, wait for exact size, use next larger
•Monitor real-time status of paper sizes and quantities
•Monitor device status and work-load

Pens &Settings Controls

•Extremely fine pen-control can be easily saved and recalled on a per-document basis
•Settings can be configured to replicate output from various devices
•Settings can be standardized across an organization to improve print quality

Stamps & Overlays

•Create and recall stamps that can include metadata from job information - Job Name, Company Name, date, time, more...

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