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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are you Qualified?

By David Swider/Sub Hub

We keep hearing about digital solutions with bid communications and how our AEC prospects and clients are asking for reprographers to provide those services. How do we qualify these prospects for digital solutions? The answer is simple. Look for the classic following traits:

1.) Web sites containing project photographs – Companies who post job site photographs or list recent artist renderings of projects they have completed, are just one step from making their web site a functional revenue and efficiency platform. Say you have seen their project photographs and follow with: “have you ever given thought to posting digital files on current projects you are bidding?” can only get them thinking. This simple question will lead to a discussion of how executing this simple step will drive more competitive bids on bid day. Easy.
2.) Companies with .ftp Sites – Companies with repositories of digital files are even more in need of your digital solutions. You may qualify the potential digital revenue opportunities by asking:
a. Who manages the digital files on your .ftp site?
b. Can your contractor track who has been in to see those drawings?
c. How often does your competitor visit your .ftp site and bid against you?
d. Are you paying for the .ftp site and a bid communications program?
More often than not more than one system being used and it will be fraught with risk, inefficiency and lack of project control. This is a definite conversation starter – use it.
3.) Smaller General Contracting Companies - Family-owned and smaller contractors
are prime targets for digital solutions because: Dad is the tradesman, Mom is the bookkeeper, Son and Daughter are crew and bid manager respectively. Quite often the “Mom and Pop” shops can do the same work as the larger contractor; they just lack the resources to manage the bid process effectively. Ask these firms to describe their current bid process and be ready to take notes feverishly because they will lead you to a digital solution every time.

Okay, what’s the moral of the story? Every one of your AEC prospects and customers has a need for a digital solution – you just need to ask! If you want to further discuss this topic feel free to contact me at:

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