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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sub-Hub Gains Traction – A Case Study

Can Sub-Hub work for you? More shop owners are finding that it can. Here's a recent case study involving a California reprographer and details of a call for assistance he made to Sub-Hub Director of Business Development David Swider.

The reprographer was investigating a drop in revenue from three key clients recently when he began to note similarities within the accounts.

All were General Contractors, each had set a goal to reduce printing and each was using either an FTP site or a non-PlanWell® site offering free downloads. Two of the GC’s were using current ITB competitors, Bid Mail and iSqft, and the other was using Bid Fax and manually tracking the bid process. All three had dramatically increased the number of CD’s that they distribute.

“We were watching printing revenues from each of these companies drop as they turned to other technology-based services supplied by competing vendors,” the reprographer says. “An associate suggested I work directly with David to see if we could counter the trend.”

The reprographer assumed an aggressive “top down” approach to correcting the problem, assuming the role of sales lead and setting out to integrate Sub-Hub into his internal workflow, calling on David to lend a hand with strategy.

“David has a tremendous amount of industry knowledge, not only of the practice of GC’s bidding projects and the construction industry, but also of the competition,” he says. “After several discussions with him, my team and I were able to secure appointments with the three companies we’d identified.”

Working through a very concise list of base questions designed to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the customer’s current workflow, David made it clear to the customer that he understood their bidding process and could help.

“I believe that the discovery portion of our presentation was where the sales were made,” the reprographer said later. “Two of the GC's signed on almost immediately.”

The reprographer ended by saying: “Sub-Hub gave me the ability to compete with any other ITB tool on the market. It also gives you the ability to give the customer what they want. When a customer states that they want to reduce printing, put the cost of printing onto the subs, use a FTP site to offer free downloads and wants to produce CD’s for distribution, we have a better alternative for them.”


Anonymous said...

I'm hearing of several GCs and their groups picking up Subhub in certain regions lately. What distinguishes this product from others on the market today?? Obviously it has some benefits people like over the competition, what are they?

David Swider said...

The key factors setting Sub-Hub apart from other services are: Ease of Use, Adoption and Direct Links to the Local Reprographer.

Our subcontractors tell us that Sub-Hub is easier to use than other services, and has the actual day to day "Bid Process" as its core functionality. The last thing a subcontractor needs is to waste time navigating unecessary computer screens to get to the information they need to bid their projects. Sub-hub allows the subcontractor get their information the way they want and go about their busy day.

The General Contractors tell us that they prefer Sub-Hub because with Sub-Hub they receive more qualified subcontractor bids on bid day. Period. In addition, the General Contractor can instantly send out Invites, Track SubBid responses all from the same page. Again ease of use being a recurring theme.

Sub-Hub completes the process with both the General Contractors and Subcontractors being linked with the local reprographer for additional project document support.

Ask your General Contractors and Subcontractors to join you at our next Sub-Hub demonstration and hear their response for yourself. You will be glad you did!