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Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Russia... And Just About Anywhere Else, With Love

By The PEiR Group

It's a Digital World, folks. How do we know that? Well, take the story of an Illinois reprographer who encountered a new type of customer and put on her thinking cap to solve his printing needs recently.

“He had a print with him, eight folds, in A4. He was spending a lot of time working on it in-house, and it was tying up his resources,” she says. “We looked at it together and it turned out it was for a job he’s doing in Russia. He said: ‘Can you help me with this?” I looked at him and said: ‘sure.’”

Now, some might call that a brave statement from someone who has been in the reprographics business only since January and who has never attempted a Remote Print job before. But this stalwart businesswoman says it never entered her head to say “no.”

A lot of things did run through her head: the precise location of “Sochi” in the Russian Federation (three hours outside Moscow and the site of her client’s dual-tower project), the fact that she doesn’t speak a word of Russian, and the vague knowledge that Russian tanks had just entered neighboring Georgia.

“I had no idea how any of that would affect the job,” our fearless heroine says. “When I told the customer that I could help him I don’t know if he quite believed me.”

Swinging into action, she discussed the job with her PlanWell Administrator and put the entire package together really quickly -- then ran the whole thing by her client. He agreed to everything she quoted.

We’re not sure how to say “went off without a hitch” in Russian, but that’s what happened. Once the initial test run was over I said to myself ‘Oh, my gosh, we’ve made contact with Russia,’” this reprographer says. “Now that we’ve proved we can do it, we’ll be doing a lot more of it. When I go out to sell our PlanWell and Remote Print offering in the future I know my excitement will come across… it’s an amazing solution.”

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