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Friday, March 27, 2009

Océ Open House

Océ and Barry Foust would like to welcome PEiR Group members interested in diversifying their business by growth into display graphics to an open house in Vancouver, Canada.

The Océ Arizona series of UV curable printers and the Oce ProCut cutting solution have already proven to be valuable additions to a reprographers business by allowing them to develop totally new business while increasing profitability. Oce feels it very important that we share with PEiR this roadmap to success.

Océ will host 6-10 company representatives based on one person per company attending. Airfare, hotel and meals would be covered by Oce and the trip would span three days; the first afternoon the select PEiR members arrive in Vancouver, Canada, check in to the hotel and join us for dinner. The second day would be the formal presentations, factory tour and demo session followed by a dinner. The following morning guests would depart for home.

Please click HERE and let me know if the week of June 15th will work for you and if so which companies would be most interested in attending. A formal invitation will then be sent with additional details.


John Bidwell

Notice: Please be aware that US citizens flying into Canada must possess a current US Passport.

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