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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vendor Update from Spiral Binding:

EXP 42 Pouch Laminator

The D&K EXP 42” is simple and easy to operate with very low maintenance required.
The perfect fit for start-up finishing ventures, corporate
in-house facilities, framing shops and service bureaus. It is a state-of-the-art print finishing system that allows you to mount and laminate your printed material with a few easy steps.

The EXP 42" Pouch Laminator combined with our revolutionary SuperStick Laminating pouches will give your printed material the highest quality finish.

Heat activated adhesive on the back so they can be mounted on virtually any ridged substrate or foam board.

Some of the features and benefits:
• Fast set up and easy operation
• Adjustable roller speed and pressure settings
• High quality silicon rollers for easy clean-up and low maintenance
• Reverse mode provides easy miss feed correction
• Quality manufacturing in the USA
Color-Bond Laminate

Stop expensive reprints of digital prints because of de-lamination. Color-Bond Laminate provides excellent bond even to prints right off the copier and will allow jobs to go to post press without delay. No more reprints, delays or unhappy customers.

The unique adhesive in Color-Bond Laminate will create a chemical bond to the toners and oils that are commonly found in the digital output of color copiers.

Some of the features and benefits:

* Available in gloss or matte finishes
* Available in polyester or nylon base films
* Superior abrasion resistance
* High clarity lamination
* Water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant
* Can be die cut
* Excellent alternative to PSA films
* Easy to apply
* Enhances overall color and appearance of graphics


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