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Monday, June 1, 2009

Nicole Sisneros: "Time To Think Creatively, People!"

Creative Uses of PlanWell
by Nicole Sisneros

More often than not, we tend to look at PlanWell as "reprographic" software: specific only to the needs of the AEC community. I think it is safe to say that in the recent past we've noticed that this thinking is a little narrow. And maybe, just maybe, we aren't even being as creative as we could be within our AEC base.

It's time to get creative. To that end, I've included three examples of admirable "new" uses of PlanWell we hope will help inspire you during these challenging times:

Lightening the Load
"We have a client who flew back and forth to Cabo San Lucas with plans and renderings to show prospective home buyers. Now, using PlanWell, he totes his laptop and plugs directly into the web, displaying his onscreen architectural portfolio."

- Consolidated Reprographics

On Demand
"We have a proposal that we are still working on for the county. Basically, they want to have all of the county forms in PlanWell so they can order 'on-demand' for their packets that they send out.

"Some forms are going to be online such as Voter's Registration, etc. Currently, they pre-order hundreds and put them in a storage room. If the information changes, they have to re-order and throw out all of the previous copies. PlanWell will help them cut costs and reduce waste."

- OCB Reprographics

Standardized Testing
"In 2005 the San Jose Unified School District contacted me to provide a solution for organizing an easy way of storing and ordering their Benchmark Tests, which is part of the State of California "No Child Left Behind" program.

"I had taken some of their tests and scanned them into PlanWell, then showed the district how it will be the perfect application for their need. The San Jose Unified School District then had us implement PlanWell for storing and revising and ordering their Benchmark tests for English, math and other class subjects in grades 1st through 12.

"My contact in the Curriculum Department also gets all of the order confirmations so she can monitor all of the schools and teachers to make sure they have all ordered their tests. We also set PlanWell up to block certain tests from view that can only be ordered after a specific date. I also went around to each of their 45 schools throughout the district and trained the principals, teachers and assistants on how to order through PlanWell."

- San Jose Blue

Here are just a few adaptive, alternative uses of PlanWell. I can't wait to hear what you think, what uses you've come up with, etc. I'll try and post more uses later next week.

Thinking creatively,


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