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Friday, September 4, 2009

Prospecting In The "Days of '09" - Sometimes, You Have To Toss The Little Nuggets Before You Find The Big One

By Rick Ysunza
The PEiR Group

As a salesperson out there prospecting for business these days, I have found that the comparison could be made between us and the old miners of yore - armed with pick and shovel and searching for the elusive Mother Lode.

What would you do if that first pan gave you a tiny, yet shiny return? Would you be excited? You're darn tootin' you would. And you'd probably go back to the same spot and dig up another pan full to see if you could wheedle away another tiny fleck.

But that's not how the successful miners did it back in the day. They were looking for larger nuggets, signs that they were on to a larger vein, and they would work their pans until they yielded three good-sized nuggets, then five - and then, if they were lucky and persistent, they shouted "Eureka!" when they finally hit it big.

My message here is drawn from this approach: don't be so enticed with those initial, glinty successes that you fixate and forget to focus your prospecting efforts where you can get the most return with a decision maker further up the line.

There's a payday at the end of the vein for those who aren't afraid to pass over smaller flecks of success and follow the signs to the "Mother Lode" we all seek.

Good hunting!


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