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Monday, September 14, 2009

Support Your Local Museum: It Pays

By The PEiR Group

Recently we talked with a busy reprographer who had just packed up and sent off a sizable print job to "some fancy blah blah New York address."

Naturally, that got our curiousity up. "Really?" we asked, "what's the name of the museum?"

Our reprographer checked his invoice, mangled the name a little and then gave us the name of one of the most prestigious museums in the country, small but with ties going back to the Revolution. It turned out he had just provided them with banners and signage for an upcoming exhibit on the origins of freedom. Centuries old documents and other artifacts were being flown in from around the world just for this showing.

It was a big job. A nice job. And we were happy for the reprographer. But we were a little chagrined to find that he may not have fully appreciated what he had just done - and the marketing potential such a job brings to the party.

Museum curators are always looking for people to support important exhibits, and if your shop has the skill set to bring off the sleek sort of signage museums want - you'll be in demand. You may want to reach out to your local museum or historical society and ask them if they have an exhibit planned now or sometime in the future.

If they do, gauge the look and feel of the exhibit and submit your work. It can be steady, lucrative, and fun.

History, it turns out, really can pay.

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