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Friday, March 26, 2010

PEiR Group Executive Conference Keynote Speaker

Paul Stout is a construction project manager, estimator, LEED Accredited Professional, facilitator, seminar instructor, and the AGC of America's 2009 National Instructor of the Year. He brings more than twenty-three years of practical, hands-on construction experience to the arena.

From Laborer to Project Manager, Paul advanced through the ranks to learn the industry from inside to out. This progression of personal and career growth included lab, supervisor, and management for hundreds of projects. He was a crew Foreman or Project Manager for more than ten years. Paul has managed projects from the position of both Subcontractor and Prime Contractor (GC).

At our upcoming Executive Conference Paul will share ideas on how reprographers can approach construction companies with new products and services that will drive productivity and save costs!

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