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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sub-Hub: New Updates with Turbocharged Productivity

We all know that more people are competing for fewer projects these days, so making sure your process is as efficient, fast and effective is critical.

Late last year we upgraded our Sub-Hub bid communication tool with tools that turbocharged productivity, make last minute changes easy and fast to implement, and create more ways for your bid or bid management efforts to payoff.

Three new features are attracting the most attention as more and more contractors sign-up for te service.

1. Self-publishing - Create your own projects and upload documents directly from your computer; no outside intervention, document indexing, or handling is necessary.

2. Total flexibility in document format - TIFF, PDF, DWF and more; flexible document formats allow you to use almost any take-off tool and costing application; it also makes simple exchanges, RFI's or other collaborative activities involving marked up documents easy, fast and efficientl

3. Upload/Downloads - Posting documents to your project, or downloading drawings for review and bidding is fast, clean and simple.

Sub-Hub allows anyone to send or receive bid notifications from a private address book via email or fax, and share documents in an easy-to-use and effective online application. You can visit the Sub-Hub website by click on the link here. To find out more about how you can use Sub-Hub, or for a demonstration, contact the PEiR Group at 925-658-2000.

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