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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HP and Canon Announce Game Changing Wide Format Technical MFP Devices

There has been some game changing announcements from the manufacturers of inkjet plotters recently. Both HP and Canon have introduced new technical inkjet devices that are giving LED technologies a run for the money.

Upon attending HP’s open house last week,  I learned of (2) new technical cad printer models; the HP T2300 eMFP and the HP T7100. Both of these new printers are breakthrough products--for there price performance, speed, versatility and total cost of ownership.

The HP T2300 MFP is a T1200 (2) roll plotter (42 or 60 inches) with a fully integrated Scanner (36”) for scanning and copying color documents. Included with the hardware comes new software tools that let users scan and print to and from the Cloud! It also allows users to walk up to the device with a laptop or a USB drive and print or capture documents with a simple user friendly interface. Something like an iphone interface. Street price for the basic 42” MFP system starts around $8,500.
Video of the HP T2300 eMFP: click here

The HP T7100 is a fast, multi-roll technical printer that can print up to 4 “D” size prints a minute. Not only is the system extremely fast, but the cost to print in monochrome is less than comparable LED systems from Oce, KIP and Xerox. HP shared a TCO chart that showed that the cost to print color on the T7100 is significantly less than the cost to print on Oce’s Plot and Color Waves. The HP T7100 can be configured to meet the needs of your most demanding customers: monochrome or color, additional rolls, external hard drives, postscript, stackers and scanner/copier. The street price of the T7100 starts at $8500 (monochrome). Check the PEiR Group's web site (vendor partners/Hp) for special promotions pricing and other information on these exciting new products.

Not to be out done, Canon has responded to the new HP announcements by introducing its own price performance technical MFP solutions. Canon has introduced a family of MFP products that combines the complete line of Canon technical iPF plotters (iPF 710, iPF 750, iPF 755, iPF810 and iPF825) with an integrated 42" scanner that allows users to scan to file and make full color copies. The street price for the basic iPf710 MFP is $7,500--Unbelievable.  Check the PEiR Group's web site (vendor partners/Canon) for pricing and other information.

If you are NOT reselling HP or Canon technical printers you need to! These new products are so cost effective and offer so many capabilities your customers will have a hard time not installing one in his or her office.   HP estimates that there are over 70,000 potential  Designjet upgrades available in the US market alone.

The PEiR Group offers one of the best equipment vendor programs in the reprographics industry. If you want to grow revenues and make good margins on equipment, supplies and service please take advantage of our HP and Canon reseller programs.

In these challenging economic times Reprographers need to be more proactive if they are to control their markets and customer base. I suggest for those of you who do not offer printers/copiers solutions to your customers please reconsider. The PEiR Group can help you develop a sales program to make these products available to your customers; either on a FM or Purchase Program.

If you fail to realize these fundamental changes in the marketplace, you might find that one of your best customers just bought a new print/scan/copy solution from one of your local competitors and they may never be back!



Steve Hannath said...

I was intrigued by this article which left me a little confused. Yes, the HP Designjet T2300 is a game-changer but, as far as I know, Canon has no equivalent. What your image shows is a Canon printer combined with a Colortrac SmartLF Ci 40 scanner in a typical MFP configuration of two standalone devices from different manufacturers. The Colortrac is a 40" wide scanner, not 42" as you suggest.

The PEiR Group ( said...

Steve and others who want clarification on the Canon response to HP.
The Canon imagePROGRAF MFP imaging systems are designed to be versatile solutions, ideal for scanning, copying, e-mailing, archiving and printing documents such as, maps, drawings, renderings, schematics and more. Users are not limited to specific printer size and single price point, Canon provides options such as the productive 44-inch front-loading dual roll iPF825 MFP or the affordable 36-inch iPF710 MFP.
imagePROGRAF MFP imaging systems include:
•Ci C40, 41-inch color scanner utilizing CIS Technology
•Large 21.5-inch widescreen touch monitor with intuitive interface
•SmartWorks MFP multi-function scan/copy/print software
•DELL Inspiron 560s PC
•Newly Designed MFP Stand
•imagePROGRAF iPF825, iPF815, iPF755, iPF750, or iPF710 printer

kevin said...

No to mention that the iPF models referenced in this piece are no longer available. Haven't been for about a year. The latest are iPF605, iPF650,iPF655,iPF750,iPF755, iPF810 and iPF820 (dual roll).

kevin said...

Oh, and more recently the iPF815 and (as you rightly say) the iPF825.