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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PEiR and PlanWell to Share Social Media Marketing Experiences

Social Media Update

To help our members become more aware of the features, advantages and benefits of social media and social networking, the PEiR Group team will be implementing a variety of social networking initiatives to demonstrate that all  sized reprographic businesses need to embrace this revolutionary  "technology approach" to marketing.

First it is important to get a good understanding of what social media actually is!  According to wikipedia "social media is web-based technologies that turn communication into interactive dialogues".

What web-based technologies you may ask?  Maybe you shouldn't?  There are literally thousands of providers of these technologies but for our purposes we have narrowed them down to just the following few:

  1. PEiR Group's Web Site
  2. PEiR's Point of View Blog
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter!/arctechtweets
  5. Twitter
All of these social media sites offer the capability for us (or you)  to communicate an appropriate message about  product and services information  to folks who want want to be informed but do not want to read emails or ordinary mailings because they are; too busy, out of date or not specific to their particular needs or interests.  Social media allows us to reach our unique audience of customers in real time 24/7/360 anywhere in the world; by using both the web and mobile computing devices like iPhone, Blackberry's, iPads and Laptops  that are connected to the Internet wirelessly.

Social Media is not about posting propaganda and advertising about your products and services on web sites but rather; Social Media is about how you can be of service to your customers and prospects.
One of the most important components in successful social media marketing implementation is building "social authority". Social authority is developed when an individual or organization establishes themselves as an "expert" in their given field or area, thereby becoming an " influencer" in that field or area. 

As an industry influencer , the PEiR Group is well positioned to help share information on the trends, best practices, business strategies and technologies that reprographers are evaluating and adopting in their businesses for the future.  How do we get that message to our target audience? Social Media!

I have posted the links to our social media sites above, please take a few moments to note and visit them, follow, and comment on what you think. I will also be updating the Point of View Blog on our next social media effort!

 How can we help you??

 Best regards,

Shaun Meany

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