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Saturday, July 18, 2009

How To Show Your Customer What You're Going To Do For Them BEFORE You Do It

It was a big request for a big job - a 5'x40' site banner to be precise. The client was worried about its positioning, and whether it would be exposed to vandals.

That's when a production technician took the bull by the horns and worked a little magic with Photoshop, showing them in "virtual" terms how it would look in place. The upshot? Done deal...

Once the client saw them, “they couldn’t place the order fast enough,” the shop reported. “It couldn’t have worked out better."

Next time you're wondering how to make technology work for you, remember this little application. The ability to demonstrate your shop's capability before you do it is a powerful benefit.

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Tom Taubenheim said...

Great example. Thanks for the tips.