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Monday, July 27, 2009

Look Around - Did You Just Walk Past A Sale?

Obviously, construction projects are hard to find right now, and you may feel our services are not exactly needed. That said, there may be a few existing sales opportunities out there you’re walking past everyday.

Are you?

When you’re out on a sales call, don’t forget to take a good, hard look at the building registry in the lobby. Think it over: are there any prospects in the building you haven’t called on yet?

And let’s not forget about “Suite 100,” usually the building’s owners, management company, or leasing agents. Poke your head in and ask around, you may find the onsite manager and you may be surprised to find out how many drawings they have in storage.

Anyone seeing an archiving opportunity? Not only could you scan these drawings to CD for your customers but with PlanWell you could offer long-term storage solutions with PlanWell Legacy.

And where are these little gold mines of steady work located? Hospitals, Class A commercial buildings, school districts and assisted living facilities… to name just a few. They’re out there, are you walking past them or giving them the attention they deserve?

You may be happy you did.

The Author: PEiR Group Account Manager Rick Ysunza


Tom Taubenheim said...

Good stuff.
Something basic that a lot of reps don't think about or forget about. There is good margin in that there scanning!

The PEiR Group ( said...

Howdy, Tom... you bet. Sometimes we forget about the "basics" when we're out there trying to deal with "the big picture!"

Thanks for writing!