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Monday, July 13, 2009

Reprographers Turn To ishipdocs To "Ship Digitally," Business Remains Brisk

Point of View has talked about ishipdocs and what it can mean to firms who need to ship their documents digitally to far off locales. Those who use it call the application a "win win," with the client saving money and the reprographer capturing revenue from the job - as well as repeat business once clients realize how effective a service ishipdocs really is.

Rationale for using the model ranges from its speed to a desire to get around long customs lines, airports and the shipping chokepoints most commonly associated with traditional shipping methods.

In several cases, reprographers who signed up for the application have had jobs waiting for them upon their return to the office - and a whole new revenue stream open to their shops.

Who's using it? Check the list below, you may recognize some of the names:

Company,Country and No. of Jobs to Date
Air Graphics 1
Demaille France 3
FIS Japan Japan 1
Group Momentum Australia 1
Les Poly Quebec 5
Maxicopias Mexico 2
MS Dallas 3
Perkinson 1
Precision Blue 2
Profiman Dubai 3
Reprographic Technologies 1
Rotolite Elliot 1

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